Calandra a geometria variabile Axeroll

3-roll variable geometry plate bending machine

Variable geometry plate bending machine

The technological and innovative EvoROLL is a 3-roll variable geometry bending machine particularly suitable for bending medium-large thickness sheets. Accuracy, speed and great bending performance, both in bending and pre-bending, make EvoROLL unique in its kind. Thanks to the horizontal movement of the side rolls, the plate is always kept in a horizontal position making the execution of the pre-bending quick and easy. The configuration of the three rolls, with the top roll moving on the vertical axis and the two lower rolls moving on the horizontal axis, allows you to adjust, according on your needs, the centre distance of the top bending roll with each of the lower rolls independently. Therefore, by reducing the distance between the lower rolls, and by acting with the top roll “by pressing” on the initial part of the plate, it is possible to minimize the straight part and obtain a perfect pre-bending.


By widening the centre distance of the lower rolls, it is possible to significantly increase the rolling capacity. In the 3-roll variable geometry plate bending machine EVOROLL, the top roll is motorized while the two lower rolls are free with an automatic braking system that guarantees high reliability. The machine can be supplied with three driving rolls in case it is necessary to bend thinner plates. The parallelism of the rolls is electronically controlled and managed by a PLC that guarantees maximum precision in the positioning of the rolls with very low tolerances.

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    configuration Evoroll:

    • Fully electronic – hydraulic machine.
    • Variable geometry machine: 3 rolls with independent translation movement.
    • Motorized top roll with planetary reduction-gear + hydraulic motor.
    • Forged and tempered rolls in special carbon steel C45-C50.
    • Simultaneous movement: 100% maximum rotation torque and 100% maximum pressing force.
    • Lower rolls with automatic electronic-hydraulic braking system.
    • Operator panel with colour display for checking the parallelism of the rolls, displaying the parameters and managing all the functions of the machine.
    • Permanent lubrication system with self-lubricating graphite-bronze guides.
    • Independent mobile control console for all machine movements.
    • CE certified machine and compliant with safety regulations.


    • Induction hardened rolls
    • Conical bending device
    • Hydraulic side support simple or with double articulation
    • Hydraulic central vertical plate support
    • Pre-arranged device for the interchangeable top roll
    • Interchangeable top roll, complete with front and rear
      side accessories.
    • Idle or motorized feeding table.
    • Predisposition for hot rolling

    Main advatages of 3-roll variable geometry plate bending machine

    The 3-roll variable geometry plate bending machine EVOROLL has considerable advantages and better performance compared to traditional 3 and 4 roll plate bending machines.

    Allows you to work a wide range of thicknesses, diameters and materials thanks to the possibility of creating any type of configuration using the independent movement of all three rolls and the easy interchangeability of the top roll.

    It is much safer than a 3-4 rolls machine because it allows you to always keep the plate in a horizontal position even during the pre-bending stage, thus avoiding possible damage to material and people.

    Thanks to the controlled movements of the rolls, the pre-bending operations are particularly easy and are carried out with a lower straight section and with greater simplicity and speed.

    Simultaneous movement: 100% maximum rotation torque (N m) and 100% maximum pressing force (Ton) upper roll.

    Rolls rotation and translation with multiple speeds, all movements are with soft start with automatic slow-fast variation selectable from the operator panel to always have the appropriate speed according to the work phases (pre-bending – rolling).

    Rotation and translation speeds with automatic adjustment according to the working pressure, to always have maximum performance in complete safety.

    The possibility to tilt considerably the side rolls, till 3° allows the rolling of cones that would not be possible with a 4 rolls machine, with precision and very short production time. Evoroll represents the best machine and solution on the market to produce cones.

    The versatility of the variable geometry plate bending machine makes it easy to calibrate the rolled plates, with final results not possible with a 4-roll machine.

    The easy replacement of the interchangeable top roll further increases the flexibility of the machine allowing you to work an even wider range of thickness and diameters.

    For the rolling of thin thicknesses it is possible to supply the machine with three motorized rolls that allows easy dragging of the plates, especially those in stainless steel, avoiding to marking them.

    Permanent lubrication with bronze guides with self-lubricating graphite inserts, large load capacity, wear resistance and low coefficient of friction, with the advantage of keeping the guides in perfect working condition, avoiding clogging of pipes and filters of the lubrication system as well as to facilitate cleaning operations.

    Hydraulic brakes with moving heads in order to guarantee braking action even when the rolls are tilted.